Caleana minor

The small duck orcid - Caleana minor - is commonly encountered in coastal heathland throughout Victoria. This particular reserve had hundreds of plants throughout it.

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Spiranthes australis after rain

An unseasonally heavy rain event fills an alpine lake in Victoria and temporarily submerges the Spiranthes australis (or S. alticola?) residing on its edge. This species loves wet feet but…

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Yarra Ranges June

A few winter growing terrestrial species popping up in the Yarra Ranges. A gnat trapped inside the hood of Pterostylis nutans. The pollinium from another plant can be seen attached…

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Dendrobium speciosum

In the Grose Valley, Dendrobium speciosum mainly grows as a lithophytic plant. It is common on large sandstone boulders a few meters away from the river or its tributaries. In…

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